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A local success story

How Urban Flower Co. turned deliveries into a growth engine 

Crouch End, North London

Meet Urban Flower Co

Based in the heart of North London's Crouch End, Urban Flower Co. has crafted fresh, seasonal flower arrangements since 2012. Founded by the talented Matt Richardson, a florist with a passion for creating unstructured, seasonal arrangements, Urban Flower Co. has always been more than just a flower shop - It represents a local hub of creativity and connection, deeply rooted in the local community. Over the years, Urban Flower Co. has grown into a local favourite, serving a loyal base of regular and recurring customers who trust the team for their special events and everyday floral needs.

Making Delivery Work

With growth, Urban Flower Co. faced a new challenge: ensuring their beautiful arrangements were delivered with the same care and dedication they were made. In 2023, they partnered with Evermile and it was a game-changer for Matt and the team. Evermile wasn't just about getting flowers from point A to B; it offered a way to deepen connections with their customers through branded tracking links, and turned delivery into an extension of their customer service.


This partnership allowed Urban Flower Co. to focus on what they do best – creating beautiful floral arrangements – whilst Evermile took care of making sure each delivery was a special experience for their customers.


“Evermile has transformed how we connect with our customers. It's not just about sending out flowers; it's about building lasting relationships and being a part of our customers' most meaningful moments. Thanks to Evermile, we can do that more effectively than ever."

Matt Richardson, Founder 

The Impact of Targeted Promotions

The real game-changer came when Urban Flower Co began leveraging Evermile's targeted promotions capabilities. Recognising the potential to transform their existing customer base and past delivery data into a powerful marketing tool, they started running special promotions for their loyal customer base. 

These promotions weren't just generic discounts but carefully crafted offers, designed to attract their existing customers based on their location, past purchases, or proximity to other deliveries that are about to go out, allowing Urban Flower to Co not only reward their existing customers but also ensure substantial growth.

The results were immediate: a significant uptick in orders, with promotions leading to a noticeable increase in both customer engagement and sales. This innovative use of delivery data for marketing has set Urban Flower Co. apart from its competitors, turning deliveries from a logistical necessity into a core part of its growth strategy.


“Working with Evermile has been a game-changer for us. The targeted promotions have allowed us to reach our customers in a way that's personal and impactful, turning every delivery into an opportunity for growth

Rachele Biggi, Co-Manager, Urban Flower Co.

The Impact of Targeted Promotions

Urban Flower Co’s success story is a testament to the power of combining innovative delivery solutions with targeted customer engagement strategies. Like Urban Flower, local businesses looking to enhance their delivery operations and foster deeper connections with their customers will find a valuable partner in Evermile.

Discover how Evermile can help transform your business and connect with your community on a deeper level.

“Partnering with Evermile has strengthened our commitment to reliability and trust. Every arrangement reaches its destination as intended - This reliability has reinforced the trust our customers place in us, making Evermile an invaluable partner in our ongoing success”

Ellie Curran, Operations Manager, Urban Flower Co.

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