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Cut delivery cost even further with Deliver Together

Create a single pickup location with friends and neighbours. Apply today and get £50 in credits.

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Together is better!

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Send items together from your store, or your neighbour’s. It’s more efficient, better for the environment, and you’ll save on delivery costs. 

The power of community
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Save money on each delivery

Allowing multiple parcels to be picked up together dramatically reduces the delivery cost.

Every time, or only sometimes

Keep your own Evermile setup, and use Deliver Together when it suits you.

Get £50 in delivery credits

Apply with friends to join the DeliverTogether Early Access Program, and get £50 of Evermile credit for future deliveries.

FAQ about Deliver Together

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Delicatessen store
Business Owner

Join hundreds of small businesses that are growing with Evermile.

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