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Evermile Tracking Links FAQs

1. What are tracking links?

Tracking links allow customers to track their orders. With Evermile Branded Tracking Links, you can now customize these links, keeping your logo, colors, and brand identity front and center.

2. Is this live? 

We'll start sending these branded tracking links to your customers with their deliveries as of June 1, 2023.

3. How do I manage my tracking links?

Tracking link settings can be managed by going into the “settings” page on your Evermile account, and clicking on “Tracking Links”. 

To enable branded tracking links - select the section called “brand & customize your tracking page”. If not enabled, our standard Evermile tracking links will be sent. 

Review the section to ensure everything is set correctly. You can customize everything your customer sees - from the color & logo of your brand, to communication preferences, to the links you want to include → including google reviews, instagram, websites etc.

4. When are tracking links sent? 

Notifications shall be sent to your customers for any update about the order status: When an order is created, Delivery is On The Way, Item Delivered, or Order Canceled.

5. Are branded tracking links sent for all deliveries?


Branded tracking links are available for the majority of our services and solutions.

6. What actions are needed?


Your logo, colors, and brand info have been added to your account. Review the Settings section to confirm everything is in order. Easily update color and logo if needed. You can add preferences like email, SMS notifications, Google review link, and website/social media accounts at the Settings Tab.

7. Do I need to pay extra for custom tracking links?  


We're launching this new feature free of charge. However, enhanced brand exposure features may have additional charges in the future. 

If you'd like to disable or update any of these settings please login to your Tracking Links Page and update the settings according to your preferences.
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