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The new standard for local delivery

Our Mission

Evermile is on a mission to help millions of local businesses thrive by simplifying and optimizing their business and operations. 

Delivery has become a necessity for local businesses, yet it presents a significant challenge without the right tools and logistics expertise. Most merchants face a tough choice: manually managing in-house drivers or relying on external providers and workflows - neither of which truly fits their unique needs and requirements.


Evermile is giving them the opportunity to unlock their full growth potential by leveraging advanced tech like never before.


Our investors and team members come from:

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The People Behind Evermile

We built Evermile to help small businesses connect with local customers through stand-out delivery experiences. Using our knowledge of technology and logistics, we work hard to offer delivery solutions to busy merchants, to help them and their customers do business on their own terms.

We are proud of our customers' success!

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