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The Logistics Secret That Will Accelerate Your Marketplace Success 

Updated: Feb 16

For lean, ambitious teams building category-leading companies, it's critical to focus on core strengths. Delivery and logistics represent foundational areas that are inherently complex but just have to work.

Deliveries play a business-critical role across multiple sectors: circular fashion ventures ensuring timely exchanges, grocery platforms aiming for peak revenue through express delivery, or meal subscription services seeking reliable delivery options. The stakes couldn't be higher.

Customers expect the service to be great. However, achieving that excellence “in-house” is extremely complex and costly. Many marketplaces deploy excessive amounts of time and resources to perfect logistical flows, not allowing lean teams to focus exclusively on key metrics that drive early success such as revenue and user growth.
Startups thrive on key metrics like revenue and user growth, and start-up teams should focus on improving these metrics. Flawless delivery underpins this success but is complex to execute internally. Outsourcing to state yet the key role of delivery in achieving these goals is often underestimated. Reliable delivery is the unsung hero, the foundation upon which your success is built, though it rarely takes the spotlight.

Why is managing delivery for a marketplace so challenging?

Ever wondered why navigating delivery management in marketplaces feels like a complex maze? The unique challenges faced by marketplaces and startups demand solutions beyond traditional logistics approaches:
Lack of visibility into the core operations
Marketplace teams are frequently in the dark about the status and real cost of orders. In many cases, struggling to identify and solve operational problems - leading to terrible customer experience and additional work and cost for the Customer Support teams. 

Multiple collection points and delivery needs
Marketplaces aggregate offerings from multiple sellers based in various locations and areas, each with unique delivery, packaging, and handling requirements and expectations. Many delivery companies are reluctant to handle such orders. Enabling such flexibility with reasonable prices requires expertise and optimisation capabilities. 
Non-integrated customer experience
Marketplaces aim to extend their branding to every customer touchpoint. Relying on generic tracking solutions from various delivery providers can detract from the brand experience and customer satisfaction.
Scaling with flexibility and resilience
As marketplaces expand, so does the complexity of scaling their delivery operations. Expanding service areas, handling peak season volumes, and integrating new sellers or delivery partners all require a flexible logistics framework that can support your growth and adapt at the pace that fits your business needs.

Is there any real alternative?

If you’re looking for a solution that would help you focus on growing your marketplace business and not managing delivery? Evermile is the right move for you.

Evermile does for delivery what Stripe did for payments: it simplifies expensive and complex processes with ease. Our platform is designed to make the challenging task of coordinating deliveries across multiple vendors and locations a simple task, all through a sophisticated yet straightforward API integration.

Why choose Evermile?

One simple integration for all your delivery needs
With just one integration, you unlock a suite of delivery options including express, same-day, and next-day services. 

Own your end-to-end customer journey
Maintain control over your customer's journey from start to finish, ensuring a flawless experience with complete visibility. Your brand, your standards, our support.

Unbeatable rates
We partner with the best delivery companies in the market and use optimisation to ensure each order is delivered most cost-effectively - giving you maximum savings, without compromising on quality.
Scale and expand quickly
Evermile is available across the UK, so you can expand to new regions and cities quickly with minimum operational, commercial and legal overhead.
We're part of your team
Benefit from our dedicated team's expertise in customer support, technology, and operations. We're committed to ensuring your delivery service is nothing short of excellent, meeting your high standards every step of the way.

We're committed to empowering startups to concentrate on what they do best by handling the complexities of delivery. It's an exciting journey, and we're here to navigate it with you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Evermile API and how it can help your business, please reach out to


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