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The Surprisingly Simple Change That Can Transform Your 2024

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to deliver products to customers on the day they place an order has shifted from a luxury to a necessity. From fashion brands ensuring customers receive their trendy outfits in time for the weekend to pharmacies and beauty brands delivering medications and health products promptly, same-day delivery has become a cornerstone of customer satisfaction and business success.

A recent survey reveals a compelling narrative: 80% of companies have seen a revenue increase after implementing same-day delivery. Nearly a third of businesses reported more than a 10% jump in revenue post-implementation of same-day delivery services. This leap is not just about faster logistics but about elevating customer satisfaction (80%), boosting sales (70%), and improving retention rates (66%).

The Speed vs Cost Dilemma

It’s clear that customers value speed, but the premium prices for one-hour or on-demand delivery can sometimes be a deterrent, creating a situation where the offer of speed paradoxically slows down sales and growth. This challenge is particularly pronounced where the promise of immediacy is undermined by cost concerns, reflecting a broader consumer behavior pattern where the attraction of speed is overshadowed by the associated costs.

A New Alternative: Speed with Sense

From my experience, both at Evermile and previously at Stuart, speed attracts, but high costs can deter. It’s crucial to find a middle ground that offers prompt delivery without pushing the price point beyond what customers are willing to pay.  By offering a quick delivery service that doesn’t place an undue financial burden on customers, businesses can witness tangible improvements in sales and growth metrics.

At Evermile, we’re tackling this challenge head-on. We provide delivery options that are not only efficient but also economically viable for both businesses and their customers:

  • Leverage collective bargaining power for attractive rates: We work with hundreds of businesses across the UK and use this scale to unlock the most competitive rates from the best delivery companies in the market.

  • Optimisation is our secret to lowering delivery costs: Our platform does more than just take orders; it actively seeks ways to reduce your costs. By analysing each delivery request in real-time, our optimisation engine matches your order with the most efficient and cost-effective delivery option available from a robust network of independent providers and large delivery firms.

  • Maximise savings with batching: Evermile truly shines when managing multiple deliveries. Our system optimises delivery routes, substantially reducing costs by combining multiple deliveries into a single route. While individual orders remain an option, the economic advantages of batching are unbeatable.

The Evermile platform guarantees that you're not overpaying for delivery, maintaining the quality and reliability you expect.

Looking Ahead at 2024 Results 

Today, the challenge for businesses isn't just to offer faster delivery options but to present these services in a manner that aligns with customer expectations and financial realities. Partnering with Evermile means not just keeping pace with market demands but strategically leveraging speed as a cornerstone for growth, all while avoiding the pitfalls of prohibitive pricing.

As businesses lay out their strategies for the upcoming year, the choice of delivery options that seamlessly blend speed with affordability becomes crucial. Evermile's approach to express and same-day delivery is a testament to how businesses can harness this trend, transforming the fast lane into a powerful strategic asset that drives revenues and growth, enhances customer satisfaction, and positions your business as a frontrunner in the rapidly evolving marketplace.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Evermile Platform and how it can help your business, please reach out to


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