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A local success story

From Bottlenecks to Streamlined Delivery: How Evermile Transformed HH&C's Delivery Process

Chelsea, London.

A local success story

Haynes Hanson & Clark (HH&C), a renowned wine merchant, has been serving customers with exceptional wines and personalized services since 1978. In a world full of mass-produced goods and impersonal corporations, there's something truly special about a business that remains dedicated to tradition and personal connections. But with an ever-growing demand for their exceptional wines, HH&C faced a challenge: how to deliver their products reliably and efficiently when their in-house delivery driver was unavailable.

That's when they discovered Evermile, a delivery platform that offered attractive next-day rates and reliable service. With Evermile, HH&C was able to complement their existing delivery fleet, using the platform to handle deliveries when their drivers were unavailable, during peak seasons, or in the evenings.


But it wasn't just about convenience. HH&C knew that if they were going to use an external delivery service, they needed to ensure that their high standards of quality and customer satisfaction were upheld. That's why they chose Evermile, a platform that was committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring that every bottle arrived at its destination safely and without damage.

"We used Evermile over our very busy Christmas period. Their platform is very easy to use and the couriers that they contract are first class. Their level of customer care way exceeded my expectations and they are extremely competitive on price. All in all a great solutions with minimal hassle. Highly recommended!” 

Toby Ellis, Haynes Hanson & Clark

Thanks to Evermile, HH&C was able to continue providing exceptional service to their customers, even during the busiest seasons. And with the platform's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they knew they had found a partner they could trust.

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