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A local success story

How London's Favorite Cakes Became Even Sweeter with Evermile MultiDrop

London, UK

Meet Jack & Beyond 

Jack & Beyond is an award-winning cake shop specialising in creating beautiful and delicious celebration cakes for any occasion. They operate a bakery and cosy café on Battersea High Street, London, and have also launched an online cake shop to serve customers across London and the UK. Jack and Beyond was founded by Fulop Gabor, who was previously manager of Konditor in Borough Market and has worked in bakeries/cafés his whole career. 

Making Delivery Work

Jack & Beyond’s early days were marked by a hands-on approach to every aspect of the business, including deliveries. Managing an in-house fleet allowed for a personal touch with each order, a value deeply embedded in the brand's ethos. However, this method wasn't without its challenges.

The turning point arrived unexpectedly when their in-house driver announced a holiday, leaving Jack & Beyond pondering how to maintain their delivery service during one of their busiest times. 

What attracted Jack & Beyond to Evermile was not just the immediate setup process but also the diverse delivery options it offered, ensuring Jack & Beyond could keep its promise of reliable service across various customer locations. Evermile quickly demonstrated its value beyond just filling in during an employee's holiday, allowing the shop to focus more on its core business - baking delicious cakes and enhancing the customer experience.

The decision to shift the majority of their delivery operations to Evermile was driven by several factors, with the Evermile MultiDrop Solution standing out as a key factor. MultiDrop felt like a natural evolution for the business, offering all the control and flexibility of managing deliveries in-house but without the costs, hassle, and associated risks. 

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"It felt like upgrading to first class without the price tag. Evermile transformed our delivery process, reducing costs and significantly improving our operational flow. ”

Fulop Gabor, Founder of Jack & Beyond

How MultiDrop Changed The Game

MultiDrop is an optimisation engine that bundles multiple orders to be bunched together into a single run. It provides a sophisticated yet user-friendly system that bridges the gap between the desire for in-house delivery control and flexibility and the need for operational and cost efficiency: 


Cost Efficiency: By batching orders together into a single route, merchants like Jack & Beyond saw a 30% reduction in delivery costs.

Operational Streamlining:  MultiDrop simplified in-store logistics, requiring only one pickup time, minimising disruption, and ensuring smoother operations. 

Simplified Booking: Replacing time-consuming individual bookings, MultiDrop allowed for a once-daily order input, freeing the team to do what they love - baking.

“Our deliveries have dropped in price by around 30% and we have significantly streamlined our operations.”

Fulop Gabor, Founder of Jack & Beyond
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What started as a contingency plan for Jack & Beyond evolved into a strategic partnership with Evermile, one that transformed their delivery operations and supported their growth trajectory. 

In essence, MultiDrop by Evermile didn't just offer a solution to Jack & Beyond's delivery challenges; it provided a strategic advantage. It allowed them to operate with the efficiency and scale of a larger enterprise while maintaining the quality and flexibility of a local business.


This evolution in their delivery operations was a game-changer, enabling Jack & Beyond to expand their reach, satisfy customers, and grow their business in ways they had not previously thought possible

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“Evermile was the missing piece in our puzzle, seamlessly fitting into our operations. Knowing that every delivery is optimised for cost and time has been a revelation." 

Fulop Gabor, Founder of Jack & Beyond

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