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A local success story

How PM Flowers uses Evermile to slash local delivery costs in London

Mayfair, London.

Managing deliveries and their rising costs can be a serious challenge for local businesses like PM Flowers.


With the current harsh economic climate, saving 30-50% on monthly delivery costs can be a game changer. We are proud to leverage our tech and optimization to enable affordable and efficient delivery solutions and help alleviate some of that burden.


See this short video to learn how Sean and his family were able to transform their business with reliable, affordable, and efficient delivery services with the help of Evermile.

"Evermile's rates are really competitive! Instead of relying on one or two drivers to do a load of deliveries, Evermile helps allocate it to different providers, and they can deliver it within a better and quicker timeframe! ” 

Sean, Owner of PM Flowers

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